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Neogene Ltd, a supplier of high performance coatings to the glass, ceramic, automotive and industrial manufacturing sectors since 1934


"adding colour is our business" 



Coatings for Glass & Ceramics


Neogene produces a full range of advanced glass coatings for the wine, spirit and cosmetic industries. Offering both solvent and water based technologies, allowing optimal selection for each application requirement.

Coatings for Industrial Applications & Construction


A long tradition in general industrial coatings, Neogene is able to offer products to a number of key manufacturing markets, from solvent based metal primers and topcoats to  high performance water based products for sealants and floor coatings. Select below for more detail.

Coatings for Vacuum Metalisation


Although this application area is often seen as another plastic coating application, vacuum metalisation provides a unique set of challenges. Neogene has worked in this area for over 50 years, developing specific products in both conventional and UV curing technologies

Coatings for Plastic Substrates


Our plastic coating offerings serve a number of key areas, teletronics,  automotive interiors, picture framing, bottle closures, cinema screens and many other diverse application areas. 

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Coatings for Paper & Card Substrates

A range of low viscosity coatings for paper, envelopes and colour cards. High strength pigment dispersions are used to produce fast drying colours for many paper substrates.


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Concentrated Colourants & Accessories


The full range of concentrated colourants and dye concentrates for use in both our solvent and water based products.

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The Perfect Lemon Hand Sanitiser

Developed around the World Health Authority (WHO) formulation, NEOSAN combines, Lemon Grass Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Vegetable Glycerine to produce the perfect scented, hand softening sanitiser. 

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Established in 1934 and originally based in Paddington, London, Neogene has provided coating solutions to industry for nearly a century. Producing both inks and coatings initially, Neogene gradually developed into a coatings specialist. Moving to our present site in Watford, Hertfordshire in January 1992, the company began to focus on specific areas of the coating industry, primarily coatings for plastic and metal substrates.


Changes in the ink industry resulted in Neogene relinquishing its interest in producing liquid inks, allowing greater focus on coating developments.  After many successful years producing protective and decorative industrial coatings, the company made the decision to develop a range of performance coatings for glass, ceramics and plastic substrates.

Coatings for plastics became a strength, with developments into automotive interiors, bottle closures, picture frames and visual media.  A range of new water based products followed, developed to offer more environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional solvent containing standard products. 


Export sales grew rapidly, particularly in the glass coating markets and by 2002 Neogene had become a significant supplier of glass coatings throughout the globe. Rapid growth continued and by 2010 the company was supplying glass and ceramic coatings to more than 12 countries outside the European Union.


With a combined experience of 300+ years in coating development and supply, the staff at Neogene have all the skills required to support major brands within the automotive, plastic coating, industrial, spirit distilling and cosmetic sectors. Neogene currently supplies coatings to more than 30, whiskey, gin and vodka brands and is a key supplier to the automotive supply chain. Neogene’s development work  on new colours and surface effects, continues to provide design and marketing specialists with an endless range of possibilities.


Our success is based on strong product performance, supported by an unrivalled level of customer service.



14 Caxton Way, Watford Business Park

Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 8UJ, UK

Tel:  +44 (0)1923 213737


8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Monday - Friday


8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

For Deliveries and Collections


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Having some of the strongest products in the coating market is an important asset to Neogene, but this can be of limited benefit if quality and support are not essential to our philosophy.


Neogene has been working with the British Standards Institute (BSI) for more than 20 years to develop our Quality Management systems. Over that period, we have been able to make significant changes in product design, product manufacture, traceability, quality control and service levels, giving our customers the added confidence that we are able to support all their needs.


Having successfully transitioned to ISO 9001:2015, Neogene continues to prioritise quality; more than 10 years without a BSI non-conformance it testament to that commitment.


All our customers can be confident that Neogene is there to support them throughout the development and supply process.


ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

FM 639877

Neogene Limited

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