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for Paper & Card 

Solvent Based Card & Paper

C2020: A range of colourants for paper and card substrates. Applied by bar or roller coater, these products provide a single coat, rapid drying finish to all cellulose based substrates. The quick drying nature of C2020, provides the perfect solution for the coating of paper used in the production of envelopes and sleeves, without penetration to the reverse of the substrate, retaining the colour on the inner surface. A full range of primary colours allows blending to  give a unique appearance to the coated article.


C2108: This paper and card primer surfacer is used to enhance the printing performance of the substrate. Applied by roller, gravure or bar coater, the product will dry quickly to give a low sheen surface ready for further printing processes. If the original product is too porous, a single application of C2104 provides the perfect film on the paper or card.

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