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Coatings developed specifically for individual customers, providing you with a commercial or technical advantage.

"made to measure"

Over a period of more than 80 years, Neogene has provided customers with unique products, tailored and manufactured to their specific needs; it continues to be one of our greatest strengths.

There are significant benefits to having a product designed for your process or application, often giving a technical or commercial advantage over the competition. At Neogene we use our years of experience to provide coating products that will perform perfectly under your coating conditions. We will continue the development process throughout the lifespan of the product; as your process changes, so will the coating.

We have provided unique coating solutions to some of the biggest names in industry, giving the assurance of IP transfer on completion and  all work progressed under the protection of a Non-Disclosure Agreement, if required.

If "off the shelf" products simply won't do, come and discuss the problem with us, we're always here to help. 

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