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for Industrial Applications & Construction  

General Industrial Finishes


Water Based Products


PL1319 Range: A high quality exterior emulsion. The very high pigment content in PL1319 gives exceptional levels of coverage when compared to "off the shelf" competitive decorative emulsions. The acrylic polymer used provides outstanding exterior durability and protection from harsh environments. Available in a full range of colours and pack sizes.


SW2280 Range: Originally developed as a thermocure coating for application to difficult substrates, SW2280 is the perfect choice for both primed or bare, aluminium and steel. Cure temperatures from 130C give flexibility of stoving time, from 8-30 minutes depending on substrate thickness. Available in a full range of colours, transparency and sheen levels. 


AW2076 Range: A range of water based coatings for MDF and composite wood substrates. Application by either spray or roller, gives total flexibility to the user in combination with rapid drying and blocking resistance. High solids and low VOC levels, allow excellent coverage, surface protection and high film integrity. Available in a full range of colours and sheen levels.    


Floor Paints and Sealers

Water Based

AW1731 Range: A range quick drying water based polyurethane floor coatings.  When a  highly durable, easily applied floor paint is required AW1731 is a perfect choice. The  resins used provide a tough, durable surface in both industrial and domestic environments. Available in a range of colours and sheen levels, with the option of anti-slip if needed.  

AW1759 Range:  Water based  products for cork based decking . These products are designed for marine applications where water and wear resistance are a primary concern. Applied by either brush or roller, AW1759 is used to protected cork-based synthetic decking surfaces on boats and RIB's. These low sheen coatings are available in a range of colours and pack sizes. 

Solvent Based

A1597  Our premium solvent based concrete and block sealer. This single component, acrylic sealer, produces rapid drying, flow and clarity, enhancing the appearance of the flooring being protected. Petrol and oil resistance are built in to the polymer and the high glass transition temperature of the primary resin dramatically reduces the chances of "tyre picking", even at high ambient temperatures. The sealer may be tinted to a variety of colours using our range of pigmented colourants. A1597 M is the reduced gloss version, providing a natural stone effect.


A1704: Primer coat for porous concrete and block surfaces. Can be used as a single coat finish where low film thickness is required or as a primer, prior to the application of A1597 sealer.

A2233 Range: Two-component epoxy based floor coating. Used in conjunction with A2234 Hardener, the resultant coating offers a high level of protection to new and existing concrete and aggregate flooring. The combination hardener gives both flexibility and surface hardness, often absent in  many competitive epoxy floor coatings. Available in a full range of colours and sheen levels.

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