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Concentrated Colourants

M1469 Range:  Highly concentrated dye solutions, used to colour both solvent and water based glass coatings. Extremely high levels of transparency and colour strength, give these dyes an edge when compared to pigmented alternatives. Addition levels of up to 15% give the most vibrant of colours on the glass surface, giving the perfect appearance of original coloured glass.


M2189 Range: Similar in usage to M1469, these dye concentrates are tailored to use in our range of water based glass coatings. Increased concentrations and non-hazardous for transport, M2189 can be supplied around the globe by both sea and air transport. Providing all the benefits of dye colourants, these products  are a perfect solution to the increasing demand for bright colours in the wine and spirit industry.

MW2187 Range: A range of concentrated pigment dispersions for use in all our water based products. The non-ionic nature of the dispersants used, allows these colourants to be mixed into the most sensitive of resin systems. Many have pigment concentrations in excess of 30% reducing the quantity needed to produce very strong colours. When used in our water based bottle coatings, the organic pigments have transparency levels close to those of our dye concentrates.

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