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for Glass & Ceramics

Water Based Products


SW2154 Range: Neogene’s core water based offering, SW2154 has been formulated to be a universal product. Used successfully in both beverage and cosmetic markets, this PU hybrid coating has strong levels of performance in all areas.  Available in a full range of transparent and opaque colours and sheen levels, it is not surprising that SW2154 is trusted by more than 30+ top spirit brands available in the market today. 

SW2219 Range: One of our latest developments, SW2219 gives a low cost option for glassware, wine bottles and soft drinks applications where aesthetics are a primary concern. Particularly suitable for high speed electrostatic disc application, SW2219 maintains the high levels of gloss and flow of our premium products but with slightly lower levels of film build and protection for the glass surface.


SW2162 Range: A lower solids range of water based coatings, formulated for application by high speed electrostatic disc. Exceptional clarity, flow and gloss give the coated article the visual appearance of original coloured glass. Fast cure at 5-8 minutes @ 180-200C is possible. 

SW2229 Range Our latest product range development. SW2229 is a premium product for container glass, excellent levels of gloss, transparency and flow give the finished article the full appearance of coloured glass. Achieved through very high resin solids levels, outstanding atomisation at application and unrivalled flow performance, SW2219 is truly worthy of  use in the premium spirit markets. 

SW2181 Range: Developed to provide the highest level of water-resistance possible from a water based coating. SW2181 will easily withstand 2 hours immersion at 85C with no adverse effects on adhesion or surface appearance. These performance levels are not solely the realm of tableware but can also provide reassurance to brands requiring the toughest surface possible. Cure times are 10-15 minutes @ 180-200C. Available in a full range of colours and sheen levels.

Solvent Based Products


S1475 Range: S1475 epoxy products continue to be the cornerstone of the Neogene offering in conventional solvent based applications. A two component high solids system providing high gloss and transparency. Can be coloured with both dye concentrates and pigments and is available in a full range of gloss levels. Cure times of 5-10 minutes at 180-200C. This range can be cured at room temperature if necessary


S1805 Range: The highest level of performance is offered by S1805 products. This single component, thermocure system gives the coated article outstanding water and chemical resistance combined with surface hardness and film flexibility. Cure times are slightly longer at 15-20 minutes @ 180-200C. Colour is added with the use of dye concentrates or universal pigment concentrates. Dishwasher resistance is an added benefit of this range of coatings


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