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for Vacuum Metalisation

Conventional Solvent Based

MV639: A low viscosity, thin film primer for Polypropylene(PP). Adhesion to PP is often difficult and a specific primer is required before additional finishes are applied. Rapid drying of the primer allows further top coats to be applied quickly.


SAV1333: This universal base & topcoat is used directly onto ABS and polystyrene substrates. Both layers are force dried at 50-60C for 60 minutes, protecting the substrate from deformation. Used in decorative and automotive reflector applications, SAV1333 gives the ultimate flow and image clarity once the aluminium layer is applied in the vacuum  chamber or sputtering machine.

SV902: Used primarily as a basecoat for metal substrates and cured at 80-120C, SV902 can then be combined with air drying top coats, CAV1296 or SAV2060. 

CAV1296: A high performance, high clarity and flow conventional topcoat. This product can be both air dried  and force dried at 60C for 30 minutes.

SV1336: A high solids, high build basecoat for thermoplastics, particularly ABS, styrene and polycarbonate. The addition of M2150 provides improved adhesion to polypropylene substrates.

UV cured systems

U2095: Designed to be a single product solution for both conventional chamber  and automatic "sputtering" machine application. U2095 is used as both basecoat and topcoat, giving exceptional gloss, flow, surface hardness and slip. Can be tinted to a range of colours using our range of MV2163 dye concentrates. Particularly suited to bottle closure applications in the spirit and wine industries.

U2116: A satin basecoat/topcoat giving the appearance of anodised aluminium.  It can be used in conjunction with U2095 to produce a wide variety of gloss levels and visual reflectance effects. Can be tinted to a range of colours using our range of MV2163 dye concentrates

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