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for Plastic Substrates

Solvent Based Coatings for Plastics

PL1412 Range: A range of products designed for direct application to most thermoplastic polymer substrates. Characterised by ease of application, high film integrity and  flexibility, this one component acrylic system is available in a wide range of colours and gloss levels, including metallic and pearlescent effects.  

PL342 Range: High levels of flexibility and adhesion make PL342 products ideal for application to flexible plastic substrates. Primarily used as a coating for PVC, the vinyl/acrylic blended resin system gives exceptional wear resistance and elongation. These properties allow the product to be used in some of the harshest environments, PVC dance flooring, automotive interiors and even bouncy castles!

PL1933: Matt products designed for application in automotive interiors. The single component air/force dried product is often used as a prime/finish on artificial leather. Resistance to "stress- whitening", surface wear and polishing, make PL1933 the ideal product for automotive interior panels and "leather look" seat PVC. The  polymers used give exceptional resistance to plasticiser migration. Gloss levels as low as 0.8 units

PL1635 Range: Available in a variety of finishes, PL1635 is often used as a single coat finish for wheel trims and automotive trim. High levels of effect pigment control make this range ideal when a metallic finish is needed, giving a uniform, "cloud free" appearance. PL1635 can also be used in aerosol applications for automotive refinish touch-up,

Water Based Coatings for Plastics

AW2245 Range: Applied to flexible PVC, AW1929 gives protection from wear and surface abrasion. Particularly suited to application with effect pigments, both aluminium and pearlescent, AW2245 can be used successfully in visual arts and other media applications. 

AW1911 Range: Our most successful "anti-squeak" coating for automotive interiors. Applied to both plain and embossed PVC artificial leather products, AW1911 has a range of gloss levels, often as low a 0.8 units. Applied by bar or roller coater, the product dries quickly leaving a silky, soft-feel surface. Resistance to "stress-whitening" when stretched, the base polymer allows elongation to 250%.  Chemical resistance can be enhanced with the addition of M1820 catalyst prior to application.

PL1422 Range: Exceptional levels of adhesion to ABS, Styrene and Polycarbonate substrates gives this range of products unique application opportunities. The single-pack quick drying nature of the product provides rapid turn around times, with force-drying an option to reduce curing times further. Available in a full range of colours and sheen levels.

AW2075 Range: Designed as a single coat finish for ABS, Styrene and Polycarbonate, AW2075 is particularly suited to teletronics and basecoat applications where customers need ease of application when using effect pigments. High opacity finishes with maximum coverage for thin film applications.

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